The Watkins Group
& Associates Insurance Marketing, LLC
An Estate Planning Firm
An Estate Planning Firm


Cedric Watkins II The Watkins Group & Associates, LLC is a Los Angeles family-owned business started more than 25 years ago to secure the financial futures for people in our community. The Watkins Group & Associates, LLC is a Financial and Estate Planning firm specializing in wealth management, wealth/finance retention, estate planning and long and short term planning.

We are a second generation business that makes our clients financial needs our foremost concern. We provide comprehensive planning services, a variety of other retirement services and insurance products dedicated to assist our clients with their financial concerns.

We bring strong educational and financial credentials to our business with:

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Juris Doctor of Law (JD)
  • and CSA accreditation
Our experience and background gives our clients confidence in our recommendations and the financial services that The Watkins Group & Associates, LLC offers.

In southern California, we recognize people work hard for their money. We offer wealth management services that face the future with your needs, financial goals and dreams in mind. The Watkins Group & Associates, LLC, provides
sound financial advice and competent assistance to implement an integrated financial program for our clients. A trained and experienced financial consultant will help you understand the financial planning process and guide you to a better way of life, now, and in the future.

We share your goals to fund better educations for your children; own a home or business; have a comfortable and dignified retirement with no worries about outliving your money; plan for the distribution of your estate in a
tax-efficient manner to the beneficiaries of your choice; and be protected from misfortune and liability along the way.

Our fellow business owners in Los Angeles need business plans to increase profits and control expenses; continuations plans that
preserve their business in the event principles or key employees are lost. We will assist you in securing cost effective benefit plans that promote the recruiting and retention of employees; protect your business from theft, misfortune and liability; and implement buy/sell agreements.

We would enjoy the opportunity to help you with your financial planning needs.
contact us for a consultation.
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