The Watkins Group
& Associates Insurance Marketing, LLC
An Estate Planning Firm
An Estate Planning Firm


From southern California and throughout the nation, The Watkins Group & Associates Insurance Marketing, LLC provides financial services that help clients solve issues with estate planning, wealth management or a unique economic event.

This is what our clients are sharing about The Watkins Group & Associates Insurance Marketing, LLC

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, helping a Historically Black College and University:
We'd always wanted to give back to Xavier a little of what was given to us. Now was our time, but we weren't sure how. By chance, we'd met Cedric L. Watkins, II and we confided in him and eventually he guided us in making our planned gift of $500,000 life insurance to the university.
Dr. Hampton Deslonde & Mrs. Carolene Deslonde

Preparing for an exciting future, filled with travel:
It was important to me to plan for my family's future and my eventual early retirement. Cedric L. Watkins, II took me through what resources were needed and ensured we stayed on track.  I trust him and his team to provide excellent information, thorough follow up and attention to detail all with excellent personal service.
Patricia A. Ashe

Planning for the long term, reviewing current conditions:
My quality of life feels more secure after I met with the team at the The Watkins Group & Associates Insurance Marketing, LLC.  They mapped out a plan that allows me to dream and have the means to enjoy them now and into my retirement.
Deloris  Johnson

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